Remembering the challenges he faced when he was young, Siteny has long expressed a desire to support the Malagasy youth. Together with his wife, he launched the Foundation bearing their name in 2007, with its priorities being education, youth, and social welfare. The mission of the Siteny Foundation is to promote a culture of merit and mutual aid.


Since its establishment, over 1,200 deserving school students, middle school students, and high school students have benefited from the support of the Siteny Foundation. Educational trips within Madagascar and abroad (Mauritius, the United States) have been provided for top-performing high school graduates. Some of them received support to study in Morocco and the United States. National exam top scorers have been awarded scholarships to study at the British School in Antananarivo. Additionally, the Siteny couple provides daily meals to about a hundred children living in their residential neighborhood.

The Siteny Foundation stands out for its youth-focused initiatives through support to athletes and renovation of educational or sports infrastructure. In November 2007, the Foundation organized the KIDS GAME, bringing together over 100,000 children from all over Madagascar at the Mahamasina Stadium in Antananarivo. This event was the largest gathering of children ever held in Madagascar, with the Siteny Foundation taking care of every single detail.

Furthermore, the Foundation has a broader social outreach, assisting victims of drought and famine in southern Madagascar. They directly distribute water and food supplies to villages and make in-kind and cash donations through the National Bureau for Risk and Disaster Management. They have set up water pumps and drinking water points in Toliara and distributed solar lamps. The Foundation made a significant donation of cereals, sugar, and rice during the 2020 famine. In collaboration with the Toliara Municipality, they constructed police stations to curb insecurity. The Foundation is also known for distributing motorcycles to police officers chosen by online voters based on their exemplary work performance. This activity by the Foundation is part of its civic education initiatives, aiming to bridge the gap between the National Police and citizens, while promoting a merit-based system.